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OUR History

  Lloyd Reid owner and operator  at "Lloyd's Patty Plus" was born in Kingston Jamaica in a small community called Kingston Five. Lloyd started making patties back home at the early age of eighteen, fresh out of high school. At age 31 Lloyd moved to Calgary Alberta and started a small bakery producing Jamaican Patties .  Lloyd experienced a high volume of sales and great success with his unique tasting patties .This success enabled him to obtain his federal licence,which  led to Canada wide distribution and sales volumes in the millions.                     

   Tyler Anthony McFarlane is the current Director of Lloyd’s Patty Distro and a mentee of Mr. Lloyd Reid. Tyler was born and raised in Edmonton Alberta and is from Jamaican decent. Tyler graduated in 2013 from MacEwan University with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree and grew up eating Lloyd's Patties, and recalls these Patties as one of his fondest memories as a child. One, because the taste is incomparable and two, because it was his grandma who bought them for him. His personal favourite is the spicy beef, but the vegetable and chicken are great too.

  Raimok Solomon is the current Manager Of Operations of Lloyd's Patty Distro. Raimok was born in Eritrea, but raised in Calgary Alberta.  She is a graduated  Nurse Assistant and speaks multiple languages. Raimok has 10 years experience in the restaurant business and is well known for her exceptional customer service. When she is not smiling greeting customers or baking onsite, she is creating her ever popular TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat videos informing people of the Alberta made gourmet Lloyd Reid Patties. 

Ikenna Amanfo is the current Health and Safety Manager at Lloyds Patty Distro. Ikenna gained invaluable insights into the intricacies and chemistry of the food industry when he studied a degree in Biochemistry for the University of Jos Nigeria. He also graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Memorial University Newfoundland and completed a postgraduate in Occupational Health at MacEwan University. Ikenna Presently practices as an Occupational Health and Safety Nurse. His Strong work ethic and a passion for delicious food, coupled with his unwavering belief in the quality of Lloyd's Patties, Propelled him to join Tyler who shared the same vision and passion for Lloyd's Patties.

Temi Asundo is the current Quality Control Director of Lloyd's Alberta Jamaican Patty Distribution. Temi has completed a Bachelor of Engineering in Food and Science at Lautech and a MBA at the University of Wales. Temi has served in various leadership roles in the industry, including Operations manager, Production and Quality Assurance manager in his previous career.

  Temi's speciality relates to Quality Assurance and Quality Control following HACCP principles. Temi facilitates a variety of food related subjects including technical communication and has been heavily involved with external training including the Lloyd's Food Safety Foundation.

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